Creating The Best Cheap Product Video For Jogging Stroller Training Biz

How To Create A Quick Product Video For YouTube

Last week I created a short video for one of my clients. The brief was to creative something professional looking but quick to keep costs down.

You might be aware that in recent times google have placed a great deal of emphasis on videos in their search results meaning anyone that wants their site to rank on the first page of google stands a much better chance of doing so if they have a video embedded on that page.

I was asked by Heidi Jacobs of if there was any way I could create a basic video in less than 1 hour as the available budget was small.

Not being one that likes to disappoint I created this video on the top ten best selling jogging strollers in less than 30 minutes and kept the price within budget.

With permission I have created this tutorial so that you can do the same.

Tools You Will Require

Camtasia Studio Software

Google Chrome Browser

Adobe Photo Shop

Mp3 Background Music – This time the client supplied an MP3that I used otherwise I would have selected something from JewelBeat for 99 cents.

Step 1 – Create A Title Screen

First Up I created this quick image in photoshop. It’s self explanatory really so I won’t go into detail….

It’s a rounded rectable with a angled gradient. Simple text on top with a stroke to make it stand out.


This image is to form the intro screen for the video. It’s purpose is to quickly explain what the video is about and to display the url of the clients website.

This image can be imported into Camtasia using the Import Media Function and form there can be simply dragged from the clip bin into the timeline.

I also apply fade transition effects to the video to make things a little smoother.

Total Time 8 minutes


Step 2 – Download Product Images From Amazon

This can be a little trickey as amazon displays the large product images using a javascript slideshow. This means that you cannot simply right-click and save the images but don’t fear it’s not so hard to find them using the Inspect Element feature on google chrome.

Go to the product that you want to display and right-click the image. Then go to Inspect Element.



Then click on the Resources Tab and go to Frames > Images.



Here you will see every image that is used to construct the webpage. You need to scroll through all the images to find the largest image available to make the HD video.

Repeat this process for all the top 10 items (in this case the top ten best jogging strollers).

Total Time 10 minutes

Step 3 – Download Product Images From Amazon

Now that you have the top ten images in large resolution jpegs the next step is to import them into Camtasia Studio.

Simply import the images into the clip bin and them drag them down onto the timeline. Arrange them in the order you require.

Camtasia has many great tools for adding written text overlays to your video so you can add these to provide useful product information to make the video more engaging.

The best way however is to record a simple voiceover describing the pros and cons of the product who image is currently displaying.

Total Time 10 minutes

These simple 3 steps can be carried out in under 30 minutes and the end result is an effective engaging video that can be placed on your website.

If you are interested in getting a quick product video down for your website and would like something similar to this video then please get in touch via the contact form.


Note: This client had a special need to create a budget video. This is not the type of video I would recommend for corportate clients. is a site for mums involved in running with their babies and the video requirements were not something that would be appropriate for a corporate client.



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