Sizing Up Carry On Luggage For Photography Equipment

I often travel for video and photography projects and when that happens I can be carrying quite expensive equipment so ideally I never let my bag leave my sight.

It’s important to use a carry on bag that has adequate protection for my equipment and to make sure it’s packed correctly. If I arrived at a shoot and my equipment was damaged it could be a potential disaster.

To show you how I prepare and pack my DSLR for photography trips take a look at this short video.

Packing A Carry On Bag To Protect Your DSLR

Compartments And More Compartments

Most camera bags will have multiple compartments so you can store all your bits and pieces. This is handy to store those extra SD cards, batteries and time switches.

Whatever you do make sure your bag is waterproof, it’s really important not to get your gear wet at any time.

A good camera bag will have the main interior seperated in to compartments for lenses as well as the camera body itself.

Keeping Hold Of Your Bag

As well as packing your carry on bag correctly you need to make sure it’s not too big so as to fall foul of the airline restrictions regarding carry on luggage.

That last thing you want is your carry on camera bag getting thrown around by baggage handlers so it’s REALLY important to make sure you bag is not too large so you don’t need to check your baggage into the hold area of the plane.

Caselogic do a great range of carry on camera bags  that you can use to protect your valuables and is the best site I have found about airline luggage size restrictions.

If you would like to contract Antos for photography or video work we can and do travel so no matter where you are let us know about your project and we’ll let you know if it’s something we can help you with.

Air travel is much more affordable these days so it can sometimes make a lot of sense to fly in expertise to ensure a project is carried out to a high standard. Don’t always assume you will be cheaper with a local media agency as in our experience this is certainly not always the case.

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