Setting Up Podcasting for Paleo Soup

Alistair from approached us recently to help him put together some audio for his new venture – The Paleo Soup Podcast.


Paleo, if you’re not familiar with it refers to eating only foods that were available to our┬ápaleolithic ancestors and soup is well you know what soup is.

It’s a healthy diet and Alistair is planning on eating only paleo soup for most of december to try to get in shape. He’s also audio blogging about it and posting recipes on his site.

Setting The Mood

The current theme for the podcast is something called Paleo Soupfest. It’s a festival of soup (whatever that is).

So I wanted to find some festive music for the overdubs.

One of the tricks of that trade that I don’t usually share is a place to find great royalty free music for low prices.

Audio tracks on Jewel beat can be found for $2.99. Until recently that were only 99 cents to while a 300% price hike is a lot they are still the cheapest around.

So I turned to Jewel beat to help find some really cool music for the podcast.

Next on the list was installing the free WordPress podcasting plug in from Blubrry call PowerPress.

The whole thing is really quite painless. You simply upload mp3 files with FTP and then specify the url of the podcast in wordpress posts using the PowerPress pluging.

After that as if by magic an audio player appears at the top of your wordpress posts.

PowerPress also provides a feed url. Then from within iTunes you can submit this podcast url. It takes between 3 – 8 days to get your podcast reviewed by Apple and then all being will you will start appearing in the iTunes podcast directory.

Podcasting is seen by many as one of the leading ways you can develop your online brand. Written text can be a but sterile and podcasting adds funs and color to your web presence.

If you’d like ANTOS to help setup podcasting for your business then please get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to help.


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