Promo Video For Gift Hampers Company

If I were to ask you what was the largest search engine in the world I can bet that in under 1 second you’ll tell me it’s Google.

And you’d be right. But when I then ask you what the second largest search engine is you might need to think for a little longer.

Some people will guess it’s Bing or Yahoo. In fact it’s Google again. YouTube as everyone knows is owned by Google and it’s the 2nd most popular place we search on the web.

Lots of people turn to YouTube when they are looking for answers to their questions and that’s why increasingly more and more ecommerce companies are opting to go further than simple static images to showcase their products.


We were recently approached by a client from the UK that wanted to do something to get their products onto YouTube. Unique Gift Hampers is a UK  based ecommerce business that makes really tasty looking gift baskets they have already had high resolution product photography.

I suggested that a simple video could be made where we would use the existing product photography and zoom over the gift to create a video. Of course that alone would not be very interesting but we could also add background music and voiceover recordings describing the products. I was confident the end result would make a half decent video, and most importantly it would be functional and tell the viewer what they needed to know.

Sometimes with video production for the web we need to remember that we are not going to be in the running for any Oscars not over complicate the task and create unneccesary cost. The important thing is to create a video to use on YouTube and to reach new potential customers.

My favorite tool for quick and easy video creation of this type is Camtasia Studio from TechSmith. It’s just so easy to use and the pan and zoom features are excellent. In under 1 hour I was able to create a quirky promo video for the gifts that my client was very happy with and they have ordered 20 more videos to get all their products onto YouTube to try to reach this new market.

Stock audio was used from some of my favorite quirky music producers at an affordable price to help give a modern, fun feel to the video. The end result is a little like those Apple adverts that have a really positive vibe, and that’s down to the fun music and quick cutting.

The end result is a cheap, affordable ecommerce product video that extends the reach of your products without great expense. It’s really something that all eccommerce players should be doing.

If you would like ANTOS to create similar videos for your ecommerce business then we can do that for you. Please get in touch with us to discuss pricing and options.



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